Hedpay Prepaid Card 

For those who enjoy

cashless spending 

and HDP rewards.

A payment solution, gives you the freedom to spend your money or digital assets where and how you want.

Hedpay prepaid cards are the perfect solution for people who avoid carrying cash or credit cards. The prepaid card connects directly with your wallet, making it easy to manage! Your account information stays fully private and secure, so your transactions are always safe!

The perfect way to avoid carrying cash or credit cards! 

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FREE for first 1000 and $10 Reward upon activation

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Ordering Requirement 

Client passing KYC can order Hedpay Card if the residential location is available to provide a card.

  1. A minimum Hdp.ф amount required to apply
  2. A minimum transaction required to activate
  3. A minimum Load from Account to Card 


  1. Load the Card using Hdp.ф
  2. Cashback in Hdp.ф when use the Card 
  3. Discount with Hedpay E-merchants
  4. Referral royalties in Hdp.ф
  5. FREE for first 1000 and $10 Reward upon activation